Nwho is spencer in the book visions of glory

From the author of vows and the gamble, comes the story of ella dinsmore and will parker. And the visions were like the vision which i saw by the river chebar. I know there are many people, mostly lds, who have read this book and just loved it. Its also told us in 2 samuel 12 that during times of mourning, the anointing was not done. My thoughts on visions of glory by john pontius latter. I have been reading the book visions of glory and have found it very encouraging and faith building. This is john carefully editing the experiences of spencer, johns friend and the. Thank you so much for reiterating the warning for those who didnt have a clue before. In this true account of neardeath experiences, we learn about the miracles of the millennium, and many other astonishing events long prophesied. In visions of glory spencer is clear that he has little to no background in technology. Namely, the time is now by julie rowe and visions of glory.

They try to find faults in what the authors interviewee the person who had the dream. Buy a cheap copy of morning glory book by lavyrle spencer. The vision of his glory christian book distributors. Highly inspirational fireside, and audio interview between spencer, of visions of glory, and john pontius. But in this life of the young lion, william manchester brings us fresh encounters and. Latterday commentary last days signs of the times tim malone home verified services view full profile create a website or. Some things treated in spencers visions i, also, have pondered. When doctors gave him six months to live, john pontius author of visions of glory created a blog to leave his testimony with his children. If spencer had his visions his pattern follows a very similar path.

Ill simply share my thoughts from having read listed to it. Formed during the american civil war, the 54th massachusetts was the first africanamerican unit in the us army. John pontius wrote in the books foreword that spencer was consistently admonished by the holy spirit to keep most of. Secondly, pontius claims to have prayerfully condensedan account of spencer s journeys beyond the veil. I cant recommend this book enough to all who want to draw closer to.

Lds church addresses end of the world rumors in official. In visions of glory spencer is clear that he has little to no. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the lord, the spirit. One mans astonishing account of the last days springville ut. Share in the journey as pontius expresses his love and understanding of. Visions of glory is written by john pontius and recounts several visions and spiritual manifestations. This large paperback book arrived within two days in perfect condition. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. James wood writes, his novel glory, for instance, is an absolutely ravishing bildungsroman, but it must be one of the most ideafree novels of its genre in literature. Discussion group visions of glory told to john pontius public. Gloria spencer glorias views of glory releases discogs. I hope this testimony encourages and edifies those who are watc.

The more visions you have, the closer you come to finding out what glory really is. Spencer, through john, is careful to simply relate the visions as he remembers them, leaving the reader to take what he or she will from them. Is there a new mormon warning us about the last days. The continued story of god doing the impossible through willing handshow loma linda went from humble beginnings to. Spencer kept his visions of the future secret for 3 decades except telling his wife and close family, and it wasn. There is intense interest in the book that recounts the neardeath experiences and visions of the future of spencer a pseudonym for a member of the church who prefers to remain anonymous, as told to john pontius, who actually wrote the book. After receiving several news media inquiries, the lds church issued this statement. The time is now by julie rowe and visions of glory. The vision of his glory 9780849940163 by anne graham lotz. Visions of glory is a mesmerizing and fascinating read that you will not be able to put in this true.

Free download or read online morning glory pdf epub book. I started to read the book and was truly fascinated but the further i read, the more i started to doubt this account and the very existence of the anonymous man who claimed to have had these visions and revelations. I resisted reading visions of glory for quite some time. Customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items. However, thousands of followers of unblog my soul were touched. Below are a series of quotes from visions of glory that resonate with. Visions of glory is a fascinating and intense book. So many people i know have read this book and it has been the center of more than one discussion in the last few months.

The father who abandoned his mother before his birth he understands with. You will discover that jesus is your only source of true hope, comfort, and courage for the future. I believe spencers visions are real, but from the devil. This book relates a mans first person account of several personal and amazing. I found some people take his vision very literally, while others completely dismiss it. My fatherinlaw had actually recommended a few books by john pontius. The other night i read visions of glory, a collection of stories told to the late john.

Heavenly father knows exactly what we need and his chosen prophet and his counselors will. One mans astonishing account of the last days john pontius on. He marvels at the things he encounters as he becomes a translated being. Visions of glory is a book describing a series of near death experiences that a person known as spencer experienced. This is a book about visions of the other world, which has. O lord god, thou hast commanded me to believe in jesus.

Visions of glory is doubly anonymousit was written by john pontius, a nowdeceased lds author. I wont go into what the book is about as i think that can be covered elsewhere. Dream and vision of the backside of the glory of god. Now the lord is the spirit, and where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. In this new edition, youll also find an indepth interview between late author john pontius and spencerthe man who witnessed it all. Visions of glory teaches doctrines that contradict lds scripture and prophets. Nowhere in the book is it suggested that the visions are prophecy, or that they will come true. The word, the vision, and minute prediction are combined in a manner that is found nowhere else in the scriptures. It is an unusual and outstanding read one which will be in my library for a long time. When you went out and wanted to grace a social scene, when you wanted to mingle among people, you put on that oil. The vision of the glory of god article contributed by.

Visions of glory and the last days latterday commentary last. And the glory of the lord came into the house by the way of the gate facing toward the east. Visions of glory and the last days latterday commentary. I want you to turn in your bible this morning to 2 corinthians chapter 3. The author, john pontius, has a blog called unblog my soul where he chronicled his meetings w spencer and the development of this book. Ella, widowed at 26 and with two small children, advertises for a. The story of the 54th massachusetts infantry regiment, told mostly through the eyes of their commander, colonel robert gould shaw played by matthew broderick. It is unlocked by completing chapter 2 of the wild walkers faction quest. So i decided to get the book and read it and see firsthand what he was talking about. Spencer does not claim that his visions were exactly prophetic, but suggests that we read prayerfully to discern what applies to us. Concerns about the book visions of glory meridian magazine.

After reading the book i could certainly understand why he wanted to remain anonymous and i couldnt argue with his reasoning. His water and blood were not severed in their flow at the cross, may they never. Their recipient is an anonymous informant called spencer in the book. Also, this spencer is spencer watson, not the anonymous man whos pseudonym is spencer from john pontius visions of glory book. But lampoon and satire have their uses, and one of these uses is when you are faced with the preposterous and the ridiculous, and visions of glory is full of both. This is john carefully editing the experiences of spencer, johns friend and. The book was published in multiple languages including english, consists of 480 pages and is available in paperback format. But i dont believe prophecy functions by laying out coming events in minute detail. Lds church addresses end of the world rumors in official statement.

So there are encouraging and uplifting teachings throughout these visions of glory, but there are also matters that are troubling to me. What ever happened to john pontius visions of glory, spencer thomas harrison, julie rowe and their ilk. We see the formation of the regiment, its first volunteers, their. What ever happened to john pontius visions of glory. Anyone who has had such dreams or visions knows that it is difficult to put into. My thoughts on visions of glory by john pontius latterday blog. Well, that pretty much throws the rest of the book into suspicion. The church encourages our members to be spiritually and physically prepared for lifes ups and downs. One man s astonishing account of the last days by john pontius. All about a guy trying to find glory via his strange visions. As amazing as the events in this book may be, it is inconsistent with the order of revelation taught by the lord through latterday prophets.

Pdf morning glory book by lavyrle spencer free download. We have already completed a study of this chapter but i want to echo our study a little bit and add a footnote this morning a. Spencer is without guile in his testimony of jesus christ and zion. Im new to this visions of glory thing, but it seems like maybe were due for another celestine prophecy thing or a charismatic leader for people to follow. The farewell discourse and the johannine passion accountthe hour has come john 21 j 26 jesus washes the disciples feet john. Discussion group visions of glory told to john pontius has 1233 members. Civil rights movements have just began in hanging moss, mississippi, and these movements and their effect on the town are seen through the eyes of gloriana glory, for short. Living the vision of jonathan edwards desiring god. Im sure that in real life spencer whoever he really is is a good and sincere manor at least i think he probably is.

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