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Jailbreak tweak applocker locks individual apps with. New jailbreak tweak will supercharge your iphones power. Best jailbreak tweaks for notification center in ios 10. Jailbreak tweak that brings widgets to iphone and ipads home screen now available in cydia posted by iphonehacks on may 10, 2012 in cydia, hacks, jailbreak apps and tweaks dashboard x the eagerly awaited jailbreak tweak that brings widgets to iphone s home screen is finally available in cydia. Question why does redmondpie and idownloadblog say activator works on 9.

Your apple tv plays a series of tones and your iphone then measures how long it takes to hear the sounds, using the calculated time offset to synchronize audiovisual output. Tweak add a macbook prostyle touchbar to your iphone. A tweak for apple music that allows us to swipe to skip songs and go back to previous songs. It installs and shows up in settings menu, but after a reboot it disappears from settings. Force delete is a free jailbreak tweak that allows users to utilize 3d touch to delete apps, according to idownloadblog. Tweak list that helps speed up an old iphone 4 hey guys, i know some of you are still stuck on an old iphone 4 that is bogged down with all of ios 7s special effects and what not, so i came up with this list of tweaks that i use to speed up my iphone 4. A brandnew jailbreak tweak called clockify has the ability to add a live clock to a jailbroken iphone s home screen, as idownloadblog notes. As idownloadblog notes, battsaver allows users to choose one of five saving strategies, three of which are preset by the jailbreak tweak itself. With that in mind, we thought wed take this wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past year with a roundup of some of the best jailbreak tweaks ever released for pwned ios 12 devices. If youre paranoid that someone is doing more than you want them to on your iphone, then you can use a new jailbreak tweak called spy to put a stop to it. Castmary is a new and free jailbreak tweak that brings the ipadstyle grid app switcher to the iphone.

Ryan petrich launches new activator beta with preliminary ios support. Its not that assistive touch type tweak where you see the thing on your screen lol it just uses your touch id to go home, unlock and wake device, some other things just by placing your finger on top of the home button on 5s sent from my iphone using tapatalk. This tweak lets you delete all iphone alarms in one fell swoop looking for a quick upgrade for your iphone s native alarm clock functionality. The best jailbreak tweaks for ios 12 idownloadblog. With the public release of ios right around the corner, the ios 12 jailbreak is set to climax very soon as security researchers shift their efforts toward the newer firmware. One of the most lacking aspects of the ios platform is utilization of the oled display on some of apples latest iphones. Ive rounded up a few that i have used and enjoyed in the past, and have come up with 7 of my favorites i hope you enjoy them as well as i have. Arc is a newly released jailbreak tweak that supercharges your iphones usability with an easytoaccess shortcut panel. This tweak darkens the iphone s screenshot flash in dark environments by anthony bouchard on january 1, 2020 no comment yet taking screenshots in ios is easy, but dealing with the bright flash in a dark environment can be hard. Apple designed ios app switcher to make it easy to get back to recentlyused apps, but why limit your multitasking to apps youve used recently. This weeks jailbreak tweaks of the week include a nifty hack to elegantly decline incoming calls and one that mimics the iphone 5s always on. The tweak adds a delete this app option to the 3d touch menu for all thirdparty apps installed on your device. With ios 7 and an iphone 5s, applocker is able to lock and unlock apps using touch ids fingerprint recognition capabilities. Chargingbubbles is a fun and quirky jailbreak tweak that gives your iphone a new charging animation.

Jailbreak tweak brings widgets to iphone s home screen posted by iphonehacks on may 07, 2012 in cydia, hacks, ipad hacks, jailbreak apps and tweaks while apple introduced widgets one of the most requested features for ios notification center in ios 5, it was still very limited just the stock and weather widgets and. Free chimera jailbreak tweaks for iphone xs, iphone xr running ios 12 ios 12. Beta app control downgrade ios apps without appsync. Archived beta app control downgrade ios apps without appsync legally. This tweak makes your iphone display the time in roman numerals. Best jailbreak tweaks for notification center in ios 10 idb. Your iphone s home screen dock is a place for your favorite apps, and now you can customize it even more with a tweak called dockify.

I have a 4s but am looking forward to getting my 6 at some point. Cydia houses tweaks which customise the look, feel, behaviour, and capabilities of your device in myriad ways, bypass limitations set in place by apple and. In january of last year, we shared a wellreceived video walkthrough of more than two dozen iphone tips that we deemed actually useful. This tweak lets you delete all iphone alarms in one fell swoop. Question why does redmondpie and idownloadblog say. The tweaks extensive integration with ios is rather impressive, and it makes your iphone or ipad a lot more powerful. To give us that extra sixteenth of an inch screen space. Strange though is after removing and reinstalling it never comes back to the settings menu.

The tweak shows up in installed packages in cydia but seems to be rendered useless after a reboot. If so, then check out a new free jailbreak tweak called delete all alarms. Now that the evasi0n ios 6 untethered jailbreak has arrived, many who are new to the jailbreaking scene might be wondering what jailbreak tweaks or apps they should try to get started. Ultimately, the jailbreak tweak aims to better manage when these iphone radios are enabled and disabled, thus in theory providing users with an increase in battery life. I think this will be helpful for older devices like 4s and iphone 5 also ipod touch 5g to have older versions on a newer ios. The best hacks and jailbreak for iphone 6s, iphone 6s plus, iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, iphone 5s, iphone 5c and iphone 5. Beta app control downgrade ios apps without appsync legally.

Force delete is a new jailbreak tweak apple needs to add. Charge battery to 80%, then gets topped off before you wake up to prolong battery health. Liverings is a new jailbreak tweak that animates the native activity app icon with a live display of your ringclosing progress. Just as the name implies, this tweak lets you delete all your clock apps alarms in one fell swoop as opposed to deleting.

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