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The man of steel is the ultimate symbol of truth, justice, and hope. Jerry siegel and joe shusters famous 1940 superman story, the kmetal from krypton. Marvel comics forms their british publishing arm, marvel uk under the corporate name magazine management london ltd. Since his creation back in the 1930s, superman s catchphrase has been that he fights for truth, justice and the american way, and hes been a symbol of all thats good in the world.

An opened version would depend on the condition of the actual comic book. Some peg it to 1933, when the format of newsstand comic books was codified, but others place the moment in june of 1938, when superman made his debut in jerry siegel and joe shusters first issue of action comics, whose cover featured the redcaped superhero from the planet krypton lifting. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. A new, updated version of the popular comic book hero superman. From his blue uniform to his flowing red cape to the s shield on his chest, superman is one of the most immediately recognizable and beloved dc super heroes of all time. Get the best deals on superman golden age comics 19381955 when you shop the largest online selection at. This page lists prices for the first 100 issues of superman s appearances in his solo series, which began in 1939. Which is the most expensive superman comic of all time.

Cameos by metron of the new gods, lex luthor, and the joker. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists. This is a list of comic books featuring superman and related characters. Superman the dark side of apokolips is a book that is part comic and part chapter book about superman who, in addition being super strong and able to fly, has some interesting powers, like ice breath. Supergirl ran from november 1972 through septemberoctober 1974 with 10 issues. After quitting her photographer job at san francisco station ksftv, linda danverskara zorel alias supergirl flies to san francisco where she enrolls at vandyre.

Superman and doomsday just exchange blows one after another. If youre looking to remain unspoiled, time to get up, up and away. Here is the master list of your top 75 greatest superman stories of alltime. Apr 20, 20 in honor of superman s 75th anniversary, we put together a list of 100 nominees for the greatest superman stories of alltime. Each page is a full page shot of the intense battle. Dell comics, after 44 years in the comics business, ceases publication. These include the later 10 cent issues and all 12 cent issues, which ended in mid1969.

Superman s pal, jimmy olsen comic books are the adventures of a cub reporter, photographer and office boy at the daily planet, where clark kent worked. The complete history the life and times of the man. Superman lois and clark comics published by dc comics. Ongoing titles featuring superman in a starring roleedit. Superman is an ongoing american comic book series featuring the dc comics superhero superman as its main protagonist. Article about the city of metropolis, illinois setting up a superman recreation center and producing a special magazine entitled the amazing world of superman metropolis edition. Other price guides exist as well, both in print and online.

Buy superman comic books at newkadia and they all have a 100% moneyback guaranted. Goldwater licenses archie for evangelical christian messages. Theres a fair amount of debate about the beginning of the golden age of comics. Comic book history overstreet 1972 2nd annual price guide. Interviews read our question and answer sessions with superman comic book writers and artists. It was the death of an icon probably the most famous character in all of comicdom. Sixty years of the worlds favorite comic book heroes by les daniels 1995 the great superman comic book collection includes comments by e. One of clark kents neighbors is monitoring his comings and goings.

Superman is also featured in a onepage public service announcement, be a good citizen. Here you will find discussion, news, updates, and progress reports. Hopefully dc puts out a better series of 70s superman collections, because this one isnt nearly as good as it should have been. Is this the battle of the century or the greatest superhero teamup of all time. Death of superman reading order comic book reading orders. All comic books for sale are listed alphabetically by the first letter of the comic book s name. The unthinkable has happened, the diabolical lex luthor has combined his unparalleled genius with the mad doctor octopus, and spidey and the man of steel are too busy fighting each other to stop them. Comicastle beta comic list you will find pretty much any. Action comics 1938 dc 23 cgc ng coverless restored 2027328001. In this image superman is depicted in his iconic costume with the yellow and red sshield, taking to the sky like a bullet of superhuman strength. Supergirl discovers why superman has begun to act evil at random intervals, and it all goes back to before krypton exploded.

They come from issues in which superman decides to give the whole superhero thing a rest and take up global domination instead. The 75 greatest superman stories of alltime master list cbr. Worlds finest #212 comic book 1972 dc martian manhunter superman in comic books silver age 195669. These prices for comic books are provided as a service to hobbizine readers. He and his twin brother operate two blogs dedicated to science fiction and fantasy films, the geek twins and film sketchr. Most comic fans know that superman actually began life in action comics. The overstreet comic book price guide is considered to be a comprehensive and reliable source for information on the value of comic books, and has been published since 1970. If ordering more than one of our comics or magazines, contact us before submitting payment for a reduced shipping price. The story begins with superman s birth on the doomed planet krypton and follows him on his arrival to earth, his childhood in kansas and his career as reporter for the daily planet. Society comic books 20152016 doomed comic books 20152016. Letter to the editor from comics writer bob rozakis.

George published his first article about baseball cards in 1990. At comic coverage youll see evil superman and the superman flag. We buy everything from large collections and estates to individual high value golden age and silver age books and everything in between. Feb 26, 2009 after being hidden away for years, a copy of the original action comics no.

Superman is one of the most noble superheroes in the comic book world today. Im probably among the biggest superman buffs out there. You all picked out your 75 favorites and put them in order. Postflashpoint comic books 20112016 action comics and superman comic books, specials, annuals and graphic novels 20112016 superman unchained comic books 202015 batman superman comic books 202016 superman wonder woman comic books 202016 earth 2. Dc rebirth tienin oneshot issue and prologue to her next solo book, supergirl rebirth introduced several characters and locations of supergirl 2015 to the main dc universe.

Read over 75,000 comics and over 700 free comics available from publishers such as marvel, dc, image, boom, idw, top shelf, and oni press on your iphone, ipad, kindle fire, android, windows, browser and more. The final episode of jerry and hally skellys newspaper comic strip captain kate is published. Whos who in the superman comics 1950s 1980s information on characters and places introduced in the superman comic books during the 1950s and up to the revamp in 1986. The man of steel is the ultimate symbol of truth, justice. He leads a rebellion against an evil villain, darkseid, who. Superman s neighbors, script by bill finger, pencils by wayne boring, inks by stan kaye. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. The series followed jimmys exploits and adventures, primarily consisting of getting into trouble only to have superman save him. Some peg it to 1933, when the format of newsstand comic books was codified, but others place the moment in june of 1938, when superman made his debut in jerry siegel and joe shusters first issue of action comics, whose cover featured the redcaped superhero from the planet krypton lifting a car over his. Get the best deals on superman comic book collections when you shop the largest online selection at. Comic book history overstreet 1972 2nd annual price guide action comics superman 1 valuable batman. Batman and superman are racing the clock to prevent the other three members of the secret six from being poisoned, but they realize they are too late when those three come looking for them insteadone of whom is a lot closer to superman than expected and itching for a fight. Ongoing titles featuring superman in a starring role action comics. The two best sites for reading comics including superman are.

Comic books with a number as its title are alphabetized by the way the name is pronounced. Jun 01, 2004 relive the adventures of kryptons favorite son inside and outside the comic book world in superman. Phil seuling founds sea gate distributors, developing the concept of the direct market distribution system for getting comics directly into comic book specialty shops, bypassing the established newspapermagazine distributor method. I read all the silver age superman titles as i worked in my dads drugstore, and i could read the comics while handling the front of the store cash register sales. Uncover the caped crusaders mysterious realworld origin and his evolution into a hugely successful tv and movie franchise in batman.

Maurice mitchell is a sciencefiction and comic book critic, blogger, and journalist. After the death of postflashpoint superman, supergirl tries to adapt to life on earth as she carries on her cousins work. The strip proved so popular that national launched superman into his own selftitled comic book, the first for any. Cary bates and art saaf handled story and art duties.

Death of superman comic book value price guide comics watcher. Comic book, checkmate, number 10, winter 1988, dc comics, vintage comic, comic books, comic, vintage comics, dc, comic book. Fantastic four 1967 cartoon audio with art from the original comic book by jack kirby duration. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive the man of steel fights a neverending battle for truth, justice, and the american way. This page lists prices for the first 100 issues of supermans appearances in his solo series, which began in 1939. The original superman comic book series is the most popular series. Death of superman comic book value price guide comics. Top 50 most valuable comic books of the bronze age. Since then, hes written books and dozens of articles for various outlets on a variety of subjects. He adapted this supermanali article from his upcoming book, comic book fever, a love letter to the comic book era of 19761986. Supergirl 1972 or supergirl vol 1 was supergirls first solo book previously her stories had been published monthly in action comics and adventure comics. The title ran from 1972 to 1974, consisting of ten issues. Unrestored copy of first superman comic book for sale.

Comics on parade, the clock, bill finger, sheldon moldoff, superman, detective comics inc. The death of superman was a major news story that was covered by the likes of cnn and time magazine. Old superman comic books value may 7, 2019 if you re planning on putting yourself through college based on the strength of your comic book collection, you ve got a little rethinking to do. If you are in the mood for some simpler and straightforward superman stories, this is a great book for you. So, the xmen comic books are listed under x and the outer limits is listed under o. Nelson bridwell pencils nick cardy, curt swan, neal adams inks nick cardy, murphy anderson, neal adams letters typeset issue notes cover art credits and job number confirmed from julius schwartzs editorial records, provided by dc. Published by national periodical publications which became dc comics from 1939 until 1986 for 423 issues and 12 annuals and 3 specials.

Superman has been hailed as the foundation for our contemporary understanding of superheroes. You can find out values of action issues by clicking here. Supergirl supergirl 1972 supergirl is the title of the first ongoing comic book series starring supergirl. Has superman stories through the years, so that you can see how superman changed, how comic art changed, how comic storytelling changed, etc. This is the third article in our series, following from most valuable golden age comics and most valuable silver age comics here are the key issues to look for when youre at garage sales yes, they do turn up. Some superman series are just one issue oneshots and others are longer series, such as adventures of superman. If you want something more sophisticated, check out the superman the man of steel books by john byrne. Read the first superman comic online for free paste. Plus, superman attempts to save a shrunken and enslaved bottled city.

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